My love for dogs all began many years ago when aged five i was lucky enough to bring home my first puppy, a tiny black and white jack russell terrier we named Emily. Fast forward 48 years and there have been many Emily's of various shapes and sizes, many have been rescued, some have been challenging! all have been loved, Our teddy (Jack Russell westie cross) was with us for 16.5 years! My own three children (now adult) have also shared the pleasures of dogs in their lives, all their lives, and my son jack who has been accompanying me on dog walks since birth is also part of Bradgate bark.

having spent the last 30 years working as a nursery nurse with young children and families, I now want to put into practice my valuable experience and transfer some the skills into caring for canines. A lot of principles used in child care also apply to the car of dogs, i.e. being calm, kind and patient, using consistency, distraction and of course praise and reward work in both settings.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to share our lives with all dogs great and small, including; jessie a lab terrier cross form the RSPCA, Bill & Ted win boy jack Russell terriers, Sally a beautiful beardy, spanner an old springer spaniel who we loved form the age of 12 - 16, and we currently have ralph a large yellow lab who came to us from the dogs trust 10 years ago, his devoted side kick Coco a border Patterdale and most recently princess leia who we adopted at 6 months she's a loveable looney springador! We are very used to adapting walks to suit all ages and ability and caring for puppies right through to very senior dogs, we know they all have requirements.

We both hold DBS certificates, dog first aid certificate 17th august 2022 and are insured with pet business insurance.

We also hold an animal Activity Licence issued by charnwood borough council.

CBCAAL/097 10th August 2022