Bradgate Boarders 2022/23


1. General boarding policies – Licence displays physical and website, premises, covering.
2. Record keeping.
3. Use, number, and type of animal.
4. Staffing
5. Suitable environment.
6. Suitable diet.
7. Monitor behaviour and training.
8. Animal handling and interactions.
9. Protection from pain suffering and illness.
10. Emergencies
11. Home
12. Suitable environment
13. Suitable diet.
14. Monitoring dogs behaviour and training
15. Housing with or apart from other dogs.
16. Records
17. Neutering policy.
18. Emergency procedures. This is a working document and is available upon request. A copy will be uploaded onto the website and will be updated on a monthly basis.

1. Licence display;


The licence will be displayed on the utility room wall where clients enter the house and is displayed on the business website.

2. Record Keeping;

All boarding is subject to a meet and greet and the boarding registration forms being completed fully. Specific boarding forms for Bradgate Bark will include name and address of client, Name, breed, colour of dog, microchip number, age, vaccination dates, flea and worming treatment dates, Insurance and vet details, temperament of dog, consent for dogs to be walked, (on or off lead)
housed and fed with other dogs, exercise expectations, medication, allergy details and any other relevant details. All records are kept in a file with each dog given its own folder. Also stored in  electric form, where they are to be available for inspection upon request. All records are confidential, the records are encrypted and a suitable firewall and virus protection software is installed. All records must be stored with data protection in mind. The records will be regularly updated. The records will be available to the owner and emergency contact. The records will be retained for three years and archived after this time.


3. Use, number and type of animal;

No animal other than dogs will be boarded at Bradgate Bark as stated on the licence. The number of dogs kept for the activity will not exceed that stated on the licence in this case no more than 6 dogs, including resident dogs. The licence must state the maximum number of dogs that can be boarded at
any one time. Each dog from the same family will have access to a room where it can sleep, go to hide, and be kept separate from other dogs. Especially when I or any other carer is not present. The room is of brick-and-mortar construction, no boarded animal will be allowed upstairs on the premises. Only the kitchen and utility room will be used to home board dogs. Resident dogs will be
allowed upstairs to allow space for boarded dogs. Dogs who are aggressive or who can not socialise with other dogs will not be permitted to board, for the safety and comfort of the resident and other boarding dogs.


4. Staffing;

Each member of the house where the dogs are to be boarded are proficient in dog care. There will
be at least one member of the household available to care for the dogs in my absence. All family
members are aware of dog care and welfare and are already responsible dog owners. It is expected
that at least 2 members of staff will complete a dog first aid course as soon as possible.

5.Suitable environment;

The environment will be kept clean and provide a safe space so as to prevent minimal risks of injury, illness and escape. They are be constructed in material that is: Robust, safe and durable in a good condition and well maintained.
The Bradgate Bark room will be cleaned regularly, at least daily and more often in the case of urine or faeces or vomit when it will be cleaned immediately. The doors and windows are lockable.

Cleaning; Gloves and apron (disposable to aid infection control) will be worn by myself or whoever is carrying out the cleaning. All downstairs floors are tile or laminate and are easy to hoover and mop.

Hoovering will be done daily as it usually is and a thorough mopping with hot water and a disinfectant such as Formula H which is approved against parvovirus and approved by DEFRA as being safe for humans and animals, it is proven to work against viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. If urine or faeces are found they will be cleaned up immediately using disposable kitchen towel and
Formula H disinfectant.

The garden (mostly gravel and slabs) would be hosed down with water and Formula H used on slabbed and gravel areas, dogs do not have access to the small grassed area. Sickness should a dog become sick whilst in my care, I can use the utility room to isolate it away from the other dogs. My resident dogs can be housed upstairs as there is a 2nd floor living room and 4 bedrooms. The sick dog would be kept calm in the utility room, with fresh water and comfortable bedding as usual.

Cleaning would be carried out using the above method of wearing protective apron and gloves to prevent spread of infection and Formula H disinfectant. Stainless steel bowls will be used and cleaned on the hottest setting. The owner would be informed or if they could not be contacted then the emergency contact would be contacted and if necessary, the vet the dog is registered with would be contacted for an appointment.

The dog would be closely monitored for any change in its condition. The garden would be used by the sick dog alone, and cleaned before other dogs entered it, using the method above. Health and safety will be maintained within the home at all times. All dogs to be housed in a suitable environment, which is always kept clean and free from hazards.

All electrical equipment including smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors are inspected at regular intervals and repaired or replaced as needed. There are working mains smoke alarms at Bradgate Bark. The house will be inspected daily for any repairs needed.

The garden will be inspected daily for any repairs needed. All doors will be checked on a regular basis, for any wear and tear. A regular cleaning regime is in place and home and garden area will be cleaned with a high-grade cleaning solution such. as Formula H. All health and safety will be considered when cooking/cleaning and dogs will be kept from heat sources or being able to ingest anything.

All boarders are part of our family and are looked after to the high standard that we look after our own animals. All bins are kept on the drive away from animals. The area will be well ventilated. In colder winter months there is a radiator and under floor heating in the utility room which will be used safely to keep the dogs warm. There will always be drinking water available, day and night. There will be peace and quiet at night with soft comfortable bedding and time in darkness at night. There will be spare bedding that is washed after each dog, owners may also provide their own dog's bed.

Dogs will be transported in a suitable car or van that has business insurance and that does not cause distress, injury, suffering or disease. At Bradgate Boarders dog will securely harnessed in the vehicle using a crate or by dog seatbelt. Crates will be securely attached and well ventilated. The dogs will
never be left unattended in a car or van if the weather is deemed to pose a risk to the health of the dog.

At Bradgate bark we will consider not using a van if the weather could pose such a risk. Fresh drinking water will be always carried on board. The car or van will be kept clean and regularly disinfected ready for the next dogs. Bradgate bark can offer a collection and delivery service and dogs will l be required to be on a lead going into the van and upon exit.

6. Suitable diet

All dogs are thoroughly assessed and watched during feeding time to make sure they are eating. Dogs will be separated by a door while they eat to assure safety. Dogs will eat separately and at the time stated by their owner. All dog food is to be provided by the client. Clients will be asked to give written details on timings, amounts.

All bowls and feeders will be provided by Bradgate bark and will be stainless steel and dishwasher safe. All bowls will be washed in the dishwasher daily. The food will be stored in the utility storage cupboard, or fridge, if requested by owner. Dogs food intake will be monitored per meal and advice sought from owner or vet if the dog continues to refuse food after 24 hours.

Multiple water bowls will be provided and water changed a minimum of twice daily. Dogs will be monitored for water in intake and owners informed if there is any cause for concern such as not drinking enough or drinking to excess. All bowls will be washed daily.

No food to be left down and will be removed and disposed of in the outside bin after each meal. There is dedicated work surface to be used to prepare food it will be washed before and after food prep. All basic hygiene rules will be adhered to by anyone preparing food.

7. Monitoring behaviour and training

All dogs will receive enrichment and be part of an active, social environment. They will have access to clean safe toys. All dogs to be given at least one walk per day and two if its suitable for their age and physical ability band by owners consent. Dogs will wear temporary Bradgate bark tags with the contact number of myself and members of the household.

Consideration of the dogs age, ability, and physical needs will be taken into account. Owners must sign to agree that their dog is walked with other dogs if it is suitable for them to do so. Dogs who can’t be exercised on a walk will receive enrichment through play and toys according to owners preference.

No more than 6 dogs will be exercised at any one time and two members of staff would be used to walk this amount.  The garden area will be regularly disinfected and checked regularly for faeces, which will be removed immediately and the area thoroughly cleaned with formula H. The outside area has a hose and is either gravel or slabs which make it easy to wash down to clear it of urine and faeces. The dogs will not have access to the pond area as it is fenced off. The fences will be kept well maintained and rubbish bins are not stored in the exercise area.

Dog behaviour will be monitored every day and any cause for concerns reported to the owner. The outside area has no side entrance or gates within it and access is only gained to the outside through the house and two physical barriers.

8. Animal Handling and interactions

At Bradgate bark all animals will be handled appropriately and not in a way that would ever cause pain, injury, or suffering. They will be handled in a humane way that is suitable to each dog. Dogs will never be punished so that they become frightened.

All members of the household are proficient in handling dogs. There are no other pets kept on the premises, only the owner's resident dogs. A plan would be in place to meet and greet new dogs coming into the house in a safe outside space. All dogs will have calm attention from people each day. Interaction with people will be encouraged but never forced.

9. Protection from pain injury and suffering.

All dogs must have up to date vaccinations before being accepted to board. This includes Canine parvovirus, canine distemper, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis, kennel cough will also be required. A vet record of these vaccines will be checked on arrival and a record kept.

Primary vaccines must be given at least 2 weeks before acceptance into boarding. I would require that all dogs also be flea and worm treated prior to arrival. Bitches in season will never be boarded with entire male dogs and would only be accepted if no other dogs other than the resident dog (neutered) was present. Resident dogs at Bradgate bark are also treated to the same standards and all vaccinated yearly.

Exacting standards of hygiene will be adhered to regarding the disposal of soiled bedding. Food will never be kept in any area where there is dog waste. Any dog that is sick or injured will be taken to the vets. Owners will be informed and any treatment given will be at the owner's consent and that of a registered veterinarian. Details and contact numbers of boarded dog's vets will be recorded on their personal records prior to boarding.

Any medication that is provided will be given as per the vets instructions and stored as instructed. It will only be given with the owner’s consent and if prescribed by a veterinarian. All products used for cleaning will be suitable and safe and effective against pathogens that pose a risk to animals. Formula H is pet friendly and a kennel grade disinfectant; this would be used as per instructions on the container. All cleaning products and materials will be kept out of the reach of animals.

Toys and grooming equipment will be kept clean, grooming equipment that is provided for by owners will only be used on the dog it is supplied for. Any equipment that has been used by an infected or sick animal will be cleaned and if necessary, disposed of. Cleaning records will be available to inspectors. Dogs would only be euthanised by a veterinarian.

We are required to keep a record of the event and the vet that carried out the euthanasia, including contact details. The owner must give prior consent. Unless essential for the welfare of the animal euthanasia must not be carried out without the owner's consent. All dogs at Bradgate bark will be checked regularly for signs of injury, pain, or suffering. The presence or absence of faeces will be monitored daily, and anything unusual will be recorded and acted upon, by either calling the vet the owner or emergency contact.

10. Emergencies

In case of emergency such as fire, flood or lack of heating or water, the dogs will be evacuated and taken to a local safe place such as a neighbour or friends locally. The emergency contact on the dogs registration form will be contacted. There are two houses they could be boarded at within 30 minute's drive from Bradgate Bark.

Two designated key holders will be appointed that live locally. In
case of fire the fire service would be called and animals removed immediately. Owners would be contacted to collect the animals as soon as possible if the home became permanently uninhabitable. In case of escape the owner and or emergency contact will be contacted.

The local dog warden would be contacted as well as organisations such as Petlog or whichever organisation the dog's microchip is registered with. With the owner's consent the local Facebook community pages could also be used to help locate the dog. In the event of the death of a dog the owner would be contacted or the emergency contact if the owner is not available. The registered Veterinary would be contacted or the local vet in Sileby, Chine House. The dog would be collected by the vets or the owner or emergency contact depending on owners wishes. It would be kept away from other dogs and sensitively dealt with until it could be collected as soon as possible.


12. Home

At Bradgate bark dogs will be boarded in the home and be treated like resident dogs to provide a comfortable, home from home experience. They will not ever be kept in kennels cages or outbuildings. If owners require their dogs to sleep in a cage as that is usual for them, they can provide one but it would only be used by the dog's decision to go in there, it would never be forced in or locked in. Bradgate bark has a safe secure garden that is not shared by any other properties. The garden has areas of shade, drinking and toileting areas.


13. Suitable environment

Dogs can be boarded with other dogs from different households if each owner has given consent on the Bradgate bark registration form. There will be an arranged meeting between all boarders on mutual territory prior to boarding together, including the resident dogs at Bradgate bark If dogs wish to be together when boarding they may do so once they are familiar with each other.
All dogs will have a clean, comfortable area where they can rest and sleep and stretch out. The utility space or kitchen at Bradgate bark provide all these. They are kept clean and dry; their bedding will be kept clean and washed in the washing machine at the maximum temperature for the material.

Plenty of alternative clean bedding is stored at Bradgate bark should the dogs own bedding become destroyed or damaged. It is all made off cotton-based materials and is therefore easy to clean. Both areas have lockable external locks and windows that can be open or closed to allow for ventilation, as necessary. Both windows are high and not large enough to allow for escaping dogs, any lower windows would be opened on the catch to prevent this. Use of crates at Bradgate bark will only be with owners providing their own and written consent given that their dog is used to sleeping and resting in one, if it's part of the dog's home routine. The crate must be made of suitable material and
be large enough for the dog to sit, stand, turn around and stretch. At Bradgate bark a dog will never be locked in its crate.


14.Exercising dogs;


Dogs will be exercised according to owner's; requirements, length and place of exercise will consider the dogs age physical ability (whether they have a medical condition) and their ability to get in and out of the vehicle. Dogs will be walked twice daily if their owners agree to this. If its suitable they can be walked along with the resident dogs also. No extendable leads are permitted due to
unreliability. Dogs will wear a tag stating Bradgate bark phone number whilst they are resident with me.

All equipment for walks will be provided by owners and must be in a clean and safe state. I do hold a stock of strong leads and harnesses that can be used. All equipment will be inspected prior to use. All walks and equipment used are agreed with owners upon drop off. All dogs must have a collar/harness with the client's name, address, and number on. We will only walk boarding dogs with one of our collars or identity tags on.

Our tags include our name, address, and number. No more than 3 dogs per person will be walked at any one time. All dogs will be assessed to make sure they are compatible in a group, with owner’s permission. All dogs will be in a safe walked in a controlled manner and will not cause any disruption to other people or animals. I have public liability insurance with Pet Business Insurance (75DB7C9RNB) and am fully insured to walk up to six dogs.

Every precaution is taken to maintain a safe walk and all walks are familiar and considered safe. When the boarding dogs are not being walked, they have access to the garden. The garden is safe and secure with fencing on all three external sides and a lockable door to the utility and then a storage area
with another door through to the outside so they have two physical barriers to the outside.

The fencing is six-foot timber fencing. Lighting is provided if its dark outside. Dogs are fully always supervised in the garden and any noise is stopped immediately by distraction techniques. Clients are asked in writing to confirm their dogs can have use of the garden with resident and visiting dogs. In
the case of extreme weather the type and level of exercise will be modified. In cases of extreme heat the boarders will have shorter walks early morning or late evening. Dogs will be walked on lead and encouraged to be calm and take regular water and shade breaks. Enrichment will be provided at home and a supervised paddling pool will be available. Cooling coats and mats are provided in summer months.

Breeds with shorter noses will have limited exercise and be always watched very carefully and have access to a fan. In the case of snow exercise will be limited, clients will provide coats for their dogs. Boarders will be dried off and heating used to keep them comfortable.

In blizzard conditions dogs will have enrichment at home and be walked at calmer times. All paws will be rinsed after walking on pavements due to gritting. Dogs will be monitored closely and if they are in distress or not enjoying the weather the walk will be stopped and return home.

In very wet conditions walks will continue unless the dog appears to be unhappy or in distress. Dogs will not be walked in thunder and lightning storms and will receive enrichment at home and distraction techniques used. The radio and use of low lighting will be used if dogs become upset by the storms. If dogs are boarding at a time when fireworks are in use the walks will be during daylight hours and dogs will be supervised in the garden at those times and calming sounds will be played to distract from the stress of fireworks.

All registration forms must be signed by the owner and all permissions, for feeding, walking, and transporting and delivery of medication sort prior to the dog being boarded by Bradgate bark all dogs must also have an emergency contact recorded on their registration forms.